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Through the years, Cindy has helped hundreds of families tackle and overcome their children’s feeding difficulties and challenging eating behaviors. Hear from some families she’s worked with.


From Cindy, I’ve learned that children have feeding milestones just like they have milestones for gross-motor skill development. And when parents understand these feeding milestones, the strategies for raising a happy eater make more sense. If your family is struggling with challenging mealtimes, I encourage you to let Cindy make your mealtimes stress-free.

Catherine McCord

Founder, Weelicious

My husband was skeptical at first of the tips but once we started them his opinion was totally changed. I seriously cannot thank you enough!! Our son eats just about anything now thanks to all the tips you’ve offered.


Though our daughter was a little resistant at first, she is now eating a larger variety of healthy foods and happily! Working with Cindy has brought her to the table faster than we could imagineed.


The health field need more compassionate and educated people like Cindy. We are so happy we found the Happy Eating Club.


When it came to feeding my kids, I was lost. It’s so nice to have a better understanding of what I need to do to help my kids. Not only are they eating well, but enjoy meal times too.


I was doubtful about taking an online course, but desparately needed help. The Happy Eating Club materials and lessons have been incredibly helpful. I love having a plan that finally works for our family.


We made our first little progress. Our child willingly and excitedly ate his peas at dinner! THANK YOU for sharing so much. Feeding time really can be enjoyable!


My daughter had a great attitude during breakfast this morning. I’m finding being relaxed and taking the pressure off all of us is really helping. Thanks so much for the amazing information you’ve been providing!!


We didn’t even introduce any new foods, but I nitced one majoor change: my attitude. I was relaxed, laid back, and it honestly framed the whole meal differently.


I really like your direction around not giving up even though my daughter is refusing. It’s important to know that I should keep offering new foods and variety even though it is being consistently refused. This is hard to do with so many disappointments but I will keep going. Thanks, this is really helping!


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cindy-headshot-sqCindy Morrison is a certified speech language pathologist (CCC-SLP) specializing in pediatric feeding. She has worked with hundreds of families in her private practice to help parents raise happy healthy eaters.

She teaches her proven feeding techniques and strategies in her unique online class, Happy Eating Club.

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