Does Every Meal Turn Into a Food Battle?

Learn how to raise happy eaters and have stress free mealtimes.

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Tired of having food battles with your child?

You’re not alone. Many parents struggle with building healthy eating habits in their children. Did you know that learning to eat is much like learning to walk?

Here’s why you might be stuck with fighting food battles…

Developmental milestones for walking includes sitting up, crawling, standing up, then taking first steps. From breast or bottle-feeding till two years old, young children progress through certain feeding milestones. Most children learn and progress through these milestones at their own pace, just as they learn to walk.

Parents who struggle with feeding difficulties usually have a child who might be stuck on a milestone. Knowing these milestones and the specific techniques to learn and advance past them is information many parents are not familiar with. Speech language pathologists are certified specialists trained to help with early feeding disorders.

For serious swallowing issues, your pediatrician will likely refer you to a board-certified speech language pathologist. For parents struggling with difficult eating habits, a specialist might not be referred even though parents would benefit from such a consultation.

We’ve all been rushed through hectic pediatrician visits without having time to get the in-depth answers we need for a whole assortment of questions parents might have.

You’re probably ready to give up

So right now, you’re tackling every mealtime on pins and needles. You wonder what your child will eat or refuse today.

Cajoling, bribery, distraction. You’ve tried them all. Called your mom and friends, and all they provide is a polite nod and say “this will pass.”

But you’re not so sure.

Maybe the only peaceful mealtime you have with your kids finds them eating only white food – bread, pasta, and lots of sugar and salt. One mom described her child’s diet as “carnival food” – hot dogs, fried foods, sugary snacks and sweet drinks.

What if you could have peaceful family meals?

We know mealtimes don’t have to be a battle. Kids can learn to eat healthy foods, find satisfaction in trying new tastes, and understand the joy experiencing  all the senses involved with food brings.

For parents, watching our babies’ faces discover new tastes is an underrated pleasure. Cooking one meal that the whole family eats is far easier than being a short order cook. And for parents with more than one child, a stress-free mealtime is one less thing you have to worry about.

Preparing balanced meals with all food groups that our children eat means you’re raising a healthy family.

Imagine raising your child who loves to eat and try new foods. Watch them explore new foods they might like or not – without a food battle.

Imagine the joy of having a family meal together in peace.

Happy Eating Club draws from  ten plus years of experience working with young children and their families. It was created  to help bring joy back to the dinner table, with easily accessible online courses that teach proven techniques to raise a happy, healthy eaters.

Learn about Happy Eating Club

Introducing: Happy Eating Club

Build Healthy Eating Habits in Your Growing Child


Happy Eating Club is a 14-day online program created and led by Cindy Morrison, CCC-SLP, a pediatric feeding therapist and mother of two.


Transform your child into a joyful eater

Learn proven techniques to change your child’s eating behaviors.

Say goodbye to picky eating and hello to peaceful mealtimes.

How Happy Eating Club Works For You

You are going to learn:

  • The science behind crucial feeding milestones and the reasons for picky eating
  • Common “hidden” sabotages to mealtimes and how to avoid them
  • How to get past food refusals with our lessons and practice solutions
  • How to awaken your child’s love of food
  • The powerful language you need to “market” healthy foods to your kids
  • How to add variety to their diet without sneaking

You will get:

New material and practice over 14 days including:

  • Over 8 hours of podcasts with Cindy
  • Downloadable worksheets and reference materials
  • Proven feeding techniques to practice with your child
  • Access to active online discussion board with Cindy and other Happy Eating Club families

Happy Eating Club is perfect if you:

  • Dread mealtimes due to food battles
  • Are tired of fighting with your child over food
  • Make second meals just for your picky eater
  • Can’t figure out how to get your child to eat healthy foods
  • Are not sure if your growing child is eating right
  • Have children who only eat carnival food – hot dogs, fried foods, sweets and sugars, etc.

Ready to start building your child’s healthy eating habits?

Join us for Happy Eating Club – a 14-day online course. $160


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About Your Teacher Cindy Morrison


I’m Cindy Morrison, for over ten years, I have helped hundreds of families with feeding and swallowing difficulties in their children. My passion and focus is working as a pediatric feeding specialist. I am a certified Speech Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP) and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).

In 2014, I created Happy Eating Club to help parents raise their children with a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. Offering my experience online enables me to reach more people than in my private practice. After more than ten sessions, I’ve been so encouraged to hear how we helped hundreds of families understand how to tackle the eating challenges in their young eaters.

As a mother of two young boys, I know that parenting is hard work.

We get it, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Common Questions

What is Happy Eating Club?
Happy Eating Club is a 14-day online course that teaches parents how to raise great young eaters and transform challenging eating behaviors. The course was created by pediatric feeding specialist, Cindy Morrison, based on her private practice experience helping young children with feeding disorders.
How does the online class work?
A few days before the program begins, you’ll get a welcome email and your login information. The online clubhouse contains everything you’ll need for the program: the course calendar, audio recordings, videos, activities, resources and access to me on the discussion board. I will be there ready to guide you every step of the way throughout the program. It’s like having your own virtual pediatric feeding therapist in your kitchen!
What is the class schedule? Do I have to be online at a certain time?
On each day of the 14-day program new information is added for you to review and the best part is that you don’t need to be in front of your computer, smart book or phone at a certain time. This program is intentionally designed with busy parents and caregivers in mind. You can check in to the virtual classroom any time of day or night to access everything at your convenience. This program truly runs on YOUR schedule. Some parents check in every day and others check in as they can. It’s really what works best for your own schedule. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
What age does Happy Eating Club work for?
I discuss early feeding milestones as we progress through the materials, however, the strategies and tools you receive are applicable for children of all ages from early eaters to 12 years old.
What happens after the 14 day class?
All Happy Eating Club program materials are yours to keep in your online “feeding toolbox” forever. Access to does not end after the course, so you can continue to check in throughout the year to re-visit the podcasts and materials!
Have more questions?

If you have other questions about Happy Eating Club, feel free to email us at

Hear From Happy Families

I used to get annoyed when my son would take a long time to start eating after I served him dinner. He would just move things around his plate and I would get anxious that he was going to reject what I had made for him. Now I see that maybe he needs that time to get used to the smell and to use his other senses to learn about the food before he eats. Good to know!


I really wish I had had this information when my children were younger, or even better, before they were born! I could have started out right. I’m enjoying listening to the podcasts and I’m definitely learning a lot. My kids are 13, 11, and 7.


I feel like I have a toolkit of things to help instead of feeling helpless, and it is such a great feeling. And I still have so much more to learn!

But last night’s success would not have been possible without this course and I’m grateful for the support and information that I now have access to through you and through the community of other mamas going through this with me!


Let's do this together - one step at a time.

Join us for Happy Eating Club our 14-day online course. $160

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